Initiated and co-ordinated by ICLEI, Procura+ is a network of European public authorities that connect, exchange and act on sustainable and innovation procurement. Our combined knowledge and experience allows us to provide advice, support and publicity to any public authority that wants to implement sustainable and innovation procurement. The Procura+ Network joins forces to champion sustainable and innovation procurement at the European level.


Implemented in

  • Europe and Central Asia

Sector of activity
Public Procurement

Type of initiative
Capacity Building & Implementation, Education & Awareness Raising, Policy Frameworks & Tools

Type of lead actor
Civil society


The Procura+ Network has been developed by and for procurers and staff dealing with sustainability and innovation issues in public authorities. Procura+ supports public authorities in implementing sustainable public procurement, promotes their achievements and fosters exchange on good practice from public procurers and experts internationally.

The Procura+ Network was endorsed by Procura+ participants at the 2015 Procura+ meeting on 12 November 2015. Before Procura+ was known as the Procura+ Campaign for Sustainable Procurement that was founded in 2004 by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability.

The objective of Procura+ is to motivate a significant number of public authorities to include environmental, social and economic considerations into their procurement policies and tendering procedures. Through this the market for cost-effective environmentally and socially responsible products and services can be stimulated.


As collected through the One Planet Reporting

No activities have yet been reported under this initiative

Impact and Results

Establishment of exchange mechanisms, including topic/sector specific Interest Groups, and a Twinning programme

European wide profiling for SPP and Procura+ participants through a case study series, website, and updated newsletter and an annual report

Annual Network Seminar series attended each year by over 100 people, bringing together Procura+ Network participants, practitioners, experts, and policy makers from across Europe.

Procura+ webinar series, focusing on specific topics and product/service areas

Procura+ Information Service, which allows over 500 further public authorities, experts and other stakeholders to participate in exchange activities without needing to formally join as a participants

Publication of the Procura+ Manual 3rd Edition, which provides clear, easy-to-understand guidance for any public authority on how to implement sustainable procurement.

Procura+ Case Studies showcase replicable sustainable and innovation procurement approaches and strategies by our participants. The case studies range from examples of procurement in action to procurement policies and programmes.

Next steps and how to get involved

Any public or semi-public authority in Europe can join the Procura+ Network. Simply email or visit