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Latin America and the Caribbean

SCP National Action Plans - Latin America and the Caribbean

A major function of the One Planet network, in order to advance on the One Plan for One Planet strategy and implement SDG 12, is to specifically support the implementation of national SCP-specific policies.  The thematic and sectoral programmes of the One Planet network provide advice and solutions for countries, through their growing portfolios of activities.  Below is a list of SCP actions plans in various phases of implementation across the Latin America & the Caribbean region.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if a national action plan is not listed, or if other relevant information to SCP in your country could be included.

For more information on the action plans below, you can contact the relevant National Focal Point.  The full list is here


Antigua and Barbuda















Colombia (Política Nacional)

> Política para el Desarrollo el Ecoturismo


Costa Rica






Dominican Republic












In order to fully implement these plans to see the real impact which they can generate, the programmes, national focal points, and all other stakeholders across the One Planet network need to coordinate their action.  This platform provides important resources and tools to facilite this coordination for a harmonized approach to implementing SDG 12. 

More detailed information on what you have at your disposal can here found here.

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