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A platform for Sustainable Development Goal 12

Goal 12 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is to ensure Sustainable Consumption and Production patterns. This platform brings together a global community helping to make this happen, the One Planet Network

COVID-19: Read about how Sustainable Development Goal 12 can help build resilient value chains post-COVID-19 here.

Bringing the moving parts together

The United Nations Secretary General has highlighted significant gaps regarding SDG 12 on “ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns”, which is currently covered in a fragmented and piecemeal way.  The ambition and breadth of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) make them simply unattainable without robust partnerships.   As such the scale and pace of concerted actions all actors of society – government, business, civil society etc. – needs to be embraced and dramatically stepped up in support of the 2030 Agenda.

Though a stand-alone goal (SDG 12) has been included, Sustainable Consumption and Production should be seen as an enabler for the implementation of a range of other goals and many of their targets.

With so many moving parts - across sectors, regions, organisations, initiatives - the massive potential of Sustainable Consumption and Production can get lost in the noise.  This platform provides a global community - the One Planet network - with the tools to align some of these moving parts around a common approach and make Sustainable Consumption and Production more visible, concrete, and real for everyone.

Providing a face to SDG 12 - the tools of this platform


The One Planet network coordination hubs

Public Procurement; Consumer Information; Tourism; Lifestyles and Education; Buildings and Construction; Food Systems. These six programmes pool expertise and resources from hundreds of organizations across civil society, government, academia, and the private sector to help countries achieve their Sustainable Consumption and Production priorities. They are crucial accelerators and implementing mechanisms for SDG 12, interacting with national and regional actors, and across the United Nations system.  Find out more about who they are, what they are doing, and how you can engage. 


Global Sustainable Consumption and Production projects database

Making Sustainable Consumption and Production tangible is a major focus of this platform.  Action towards SDG 12 is abundant, and the global database of projects available here is a way to provide snapshots of the work being done around the world.  All of the content is provided by members, and you can showcase your contribution as soon as you have registered.  Sustainable Consumption and Production makes its mark when it tells a story, and highlighting your activities here is one way to tell yours. Take me there...


Being a platform for SDG 12 also means providing a library of resources on Sustainable Consumption and Production at your fingertips. Here you can find research, case studies, toolkits and other guidance, project documents, communication and awareness raising material, as well as important policy documents from countries and regions.  As with the project database, the content is supplied by the dedicated stakeholders across the One Planet network.  Take me there...



Member Directory

A crucial element to making Sustainable Consumption and Production more concrete is to put faces to the work that is being done. The One Planet platform has a directory where you can search among the 4000+ registered members across regions, sectors and areas of expertise, in order to connect for real collaborations.  You can even find out the specific roles of stakeholders across the One Planet network. Take me there...



Exchange Spaces

With so much work going on from all corners of the globe, stakeholders from the One Planet network asked for virtual collaboration spaces in order to maintain valuable interactions.  The Exchange Spaces are just this: online collaboration hubs for exchanging documents, planning events, discussions and much more.  We can set up public or private spaces for as few or as many people as you need.  Take me there..                                     



This is your personal dashboard, where you can keep track of your connections, submissions and all of your favorite material on the platform.  Importantly, the MySCP space is where all members of the One Planet network can directly access the tool to report on the progress of their activities.  This is extremely important for positioning the One Planet Network as a leading implementation mechanism for SDG 12.  Access your MySCP dashboard in the upper right of the screen.




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