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Next steps for the procurement community to contribute to a responsible recovery

The disruption of the status quo provides an opportunity to fundamentally shift the way we consume and produce globally and move towards economic, environmental and social sustainability. To do so, the One Planet Network SPP Programme calls upon the procurement community to support change of the procurement system including legislative reform to enable the transition to a sustainable and circular economy.

In particular, the One Planet Network SPP Programme calls upon organisations, companies, governments and procurement officials to:

  1. Use procurement as an important lever for CO2 savings by applying life-cycle costing, shadow pricing or similar techniques. For instance, in construction the pre-investments for savings are recommended to be set at about 1% of the tender budget. This investment will result in cost savings over the whole lifetime of the structure.
  2. Develop and implement national SPP actions plans inclusive of ambitious SPP targets, including environmental as well as social aspects, and put in place monitoring tools to measure progress. Countries are recommended to set a minimum target of 30% SPP for the most impactful procurement categories by 2030 and 50% by 2040.
  3. Where SPP action plans are already implemented, ensure that they are amended to contribute to the sustainability of the post-COVID recovery plans.
  4. Join the One Planet Network programmes
  5. Contribute to the One Planet Multi-Partner Trust Fund for SDG 12
  6. Share your SPP initiatives and best practices on the One Planet Network website
  7. Join one of the sector initiatives of the SPP Programme on Health, ICT, Construction, Monitoring or Circular Procurement or initiate your own group for responsible procurement
  8. As a One Planet Network partner, report on your SPP projects

Join us, the One Planet Network community of sustainable public procurement practitioners, to help drive green and more sustainable recoveries through better use of public funds.

Download the Joint Statement Call to Action

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