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The Interest Groups (IG) of the SPP programme develop and deliver activities to address key, specific issues under the Programme's objectives and work areas over an agreed timeframe. Interest groups are led by SPP programme partners or MAC members, and are open to participation of all interested institutions and individuals.

Are you interested in leading collaborative work with other members of the SPP programme on a specific theme?

Get in touch with the Coordination Desk ( to explore the possibilities.

The current Interest Groups that the SPP programme hosts are:

IG on Sustainable ICT Procurement

ICT is responsible for an estimated 2% of global carbon emissions (more than the entire aviation industry) and this percentage is rapidly rising, up to as much as 14% in 2040. ICT generates close to 50 million tons of e-waste a year. Of this mountain of e-waste, 80% is not recycled. This means a vast loss of resources and rare materials used in ICT. Public sector buyers can make sustainable procurement move forward by creating demand and buy-in. 

Learn more and share your knowledge in the One Planet Network SPP Programme Interest Group on ICT to support development and the staged implementation, before or by 2030, of 100% circular and transparent ICT products and services procurement. Stay informed along the way to learn about, adapt to, develop and implement best circular practices.

IG on Sustainable Procurement for the Health Sector

If the global public health sector were a country, it would rank on 5th position as greenhouse gas emitter. Public procurers in the health sector have the power to reduce emissions by including environmental criteria and clauses into tenders. However, paving the road towards carbon neutrality is a complex challenge for individuals to achieve.

Get in touch with / Learn from the One Planet Network SPP Programme Interest Group on Public Health and procurement, led by HCWH and UNDP, to learn, exchange and shape the discussion globally.

Learn more/Join the Health sector interest group

IG on Sustainable Procurement for Construction/Infrastructure projects

On a global scale, buildings use around 40 percent of resources, 25 percent of water and 40 percent of energy, and they account for around one third of greenhouse gas emissions (UNEP & Resource Panel, 2017). The role of public procurement in the construction industry is significant as tenders range from retrofitting existing stock, redeveloping public spaces, building new infrastructure and buildings or remodeling the interior of public buildings. Therefore, public procurers directly influence the energy and material consumption in the construction industry. Join the One Planet Network SPP Programme Interest Group on Construction to share and develop tools towards sustainable procurement in the sector.

Learn more/Join the Construction & Infrastructure interest group 

IG on SPP Impact Measurement and Progress Monitoring

How to measure and monitor impact of sustainable procurement implementation? Join the One Planet Network SPP Programme Interest Group on Monitoring SDG12.7, led by UNEP, to exchange on the latest indicators, challenges and good-practice.

Learn more/Join the Impact Measurement&Progress Monitoring interest group


IG on Circular Procurement 

The Procura+ Interest Group is a unique chance for public procurers to learn from each other in how to support the transition to a circular economy through their procurement. Circular procurement promotes consideration of the whole life-cycle of goods and services.

Learn more/Join the Circular Procurement Interest Group


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